The archive and forum




The Archive and forum is part of this website. It contains a large collection of archive material which is available to members. It is also the place to ask questions and share ideas and experiences.


The archive is one of the unique features of The Study Society. It contains a record of 50 years of oral teaching, transcribed and translated from audiences with the Shankaracharya, together with transcripts of talks, lectures and dialogues and written papers. There has been a major initiative in recent years to digitise and index this archive and it is now available online. Members can apply for full access for private study. Over 700 study group papers produced by members of the Society, which include material from this archive, are available to all.


Visitors are welcome. After registering you can go to the “Introduction and visitors’ questions” section, where you can ask questions about the Society and its activities.


Members use it to research archive material, exchange ideas, ask questions and share experiences.