‘The Movements’




The Movements are a collection of sacred dances, exercises, prayers and their accompanying music that originated from various schools, dervish orders and monasteries across the Middle East and Central Asia. They were collected and brought to the West by the philosopher and mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff. They were first taught in England to Ouspensky’s pupils at Lyne Place and Colet House in the 1930s. The Study Society is unique in teaching the early repertoire of Movements as they were originally taught, in an unchanged line to the present day.


The Movements provide a non-verbal way of experiencing the essence of the Fourth Way teaching. They convey knowledge about the great universal laws and can be a vehicle for expressing universal truths. They can be thought of as a special form of ‘moving meditation’. Through the practice of attention they can enable participants to experience the working of finer energies, bringing all parts of the human organism into a more harmonious whole.


Simply expressed, a Movements class offers a wonderful release from everyday burdens and provides participants with a unique opportunity for making discoveries about themselves without the need for words. The Movements can create a situation in which our personal psychology can be taken by surprise and something new is then possible.