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Puja Fest 2017

For the Goddess

8 July

18:00 - 22:30

At the Study Society, understandings of non-duality are shared, calling on insights from diverse sources. Hindu teachings describe the unity of all existence as prakriti, elaborated as Devi or the all-pervasive Goddess in her many forms. This year’s Puja Festival is dedicated to the Devi as the Creatrix, the Divine Mother. Come join us at Colet House — a sacred space for sacred arts.

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The evening will begin with a debut performance by three of the society’s classical Indian dance students and will close with communal song that will join together the names and images of the Goddess with the names and images of our earthly mothers. Bring the names of your mothers — living and dead, blood-relatives and adopted, all who have nurtured your life. Bring their images — photographs, artworks, mementos, symbols. We will sing their names, we will celebrate their images, and we will invite a mother present to represent all mothers and to be bathed in petals.

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Bharata Natyam at Colet House - Dina, Ilya and Lilac dance in public for the first time. They perform 'Natesha Kautuvam' which celebrates the Nataraja, the god Siva as Cosmic Dancer. Bharata Natyam is South Indian classical dance.

Bhavan Odissi - the students of Urbi Basu from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan dance a group item, and Katrina Rute and Devaki Thomas each dance solo items. Odissi is East Indian classical dance.

Gypsy Dance - Ilya Stalarou, student of Romany dancer Saeeda Kasym from Kyrgyzstan will dance a solo item.

Celestial Clown - Kirsty Wyatt brings her unique poignant physical humour to the evenings mix.

anoura - Maggie Magnouna performs the spectacular and arresting dance of tanoura from Egypt. This is a dervish practice with brilliant coloured skirts.

Creatrix: Cosmic Mother - Daniel P Cunningham and Mark J Hamilton will perform fragments of their new performance action dedicated to goddess and our earthly mothers - those who live and those who have passed. Bring the names and photos of your mothers so we might sing their names and celebrate their lives.

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Call for Performers

To participate in Puja Fest 2017 send details of your offering (10 minutes max), your artist's biography and any links to images/clips of your work to

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Dr Mark Hamilton and Daniel Cunningham

The festival curators are Dr Mark James Hamilton and Daniel P Cunningham. Their artistic collaboration is focused on creating new models of performance that enable artists to share their transformational journeys with audiences. Their work Salvation: Shamanic Striptease has been presented across London and in Dublin.

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address: Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

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